Artefact No 3

Vase in black or transparent glass. Manufactured by artisan Kristin Larsson.

Unique and limited pieces.

This item is truly organic in its shape and production. From a former strict and sharp design, Straight Design Studio, together with Kristin Larsson, blew the shape into form. During the playful process, the object grew into the softer appearance you now see. The result achieved, when transforming a shape from a sharp drawing, with the help of living material, is a unique and handmade collector’s item. An object reminding you of forms and places your mind can escape to, for admiring its beautiful guise and charm. Put a flower in there to bud or put it on your best altar and worship its bombastic formation.

L 160 – 200mm

Transparent – sold out – edition of four
Black – sold out – edition of two
Pink ring – sold out – edition of twelve
Pink – 2 200 SEK – edition of five
Black ring – 1 800 SEK – edition of four
White ring – 1 800 SEK – edition of four

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