Tableware 2022

During 2022, three new artefacts were launched as an elaboration of the two plates which were initially launched in 2020. Redefined into a smaller format and with inspiration from the oyster which always tips over, the plates are designed to positioning and balance their content in a playful and sophisticated way.

All the plates from the Artefacts collection are designed principally to highlight the food products served upon them. Constructed with a lot of space but with different features, consisting of concavities and convexities to use, for serving different dishes and hors d’oeuvre in or on them. When eating together you’ll enjoy and experience a mutual, common feeling of pleasure. An experience or a ritual of its own, honoring the moment, the food you’ll share, and the people around the table.

The plates from the collection are sold exclusively via Alwares.

Photographer: Mathilda Werngren