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Stockholm and Skåne based design studio working with creative solutions within the fields of products, creative direction and architecture. We have a multifaceted vision working with different professions and various concepts. Collaborations include brands like Ceannis, Designtorget, Grand Relations, Hope, Klong, Poggenpohl and Scandic.

The essence of Straight exists in obvious shapes and traditional materials but with great attention to detail. our brand is about clarity, simplicity and sincerity in all that we do.

Our offering consists of interior architecture, product design, graphic design, creative direction and concept development. Always with the aim to strengthen brands.

Straight Design Studio
Västmannagatan 47
113 25 Stockholm, Sweden

Beauty and meaning often consist of what we consider to be pure, found in authentic,simple, unique and organic forms. We can find courage in the naked and natural state, where everything nonessential is peeled off.

These are the ambitions and beliefs we seek to work towards and achieve at Straight Design Studio.

Designer, Creative Directior
Viktor Erlandsson

Art Directior
Drummond Madison

Fanny Axnér