The Plates Series – Alwares

Since 2022, the plates from the Artefacts collection are produced by the design brand Alwares and form their “The Plates Series”. The collection develops over time to fill the gaps that are continuously identified.

Alwares presents two new pieces in The Plates Series during Stockholm Creative Edition 2023, a collection of plates designed by Straight Design Studio. The collection is a growing selection of plates and bowls specially designed to highlight the raw ingredient being served or with a focus on the specific dish. The new additions are inspired by pasta and the joint meal with the family, where the food is central.

Since 2022, Alwares has worked closely together with Straight Design Studio. The first collaboration was to launch a further development of the two plates that Straight Design Studio originally designed as an Artefact for their own range. When Jill Ågren, founder of Alwares, decided to bring the first two Artefacts into her brand, four more plates were developed to expand the range of use. These plates were created to balance and place what is served on them.

When two more parts are now added to the collection, the inspiration partly comes from Italian cuisine, both regarding the way of serving and what is served. The smaller plate is referred to as the pasta plate and the large one is referred to as the family plate. Both pieces are based on the same shape, a bowl with a protruding edge. Like a brim on a hat that is there to frame and capture what is essential. Imagine a meal of pasta vongole, where the empty shells are easily and elegantly placed on the brim.

All pieces in The Plates Series are made of stoneware and hand made by Samir Dzabirov in Gustavsberg near Stockholm. Inspired by her childhood and her grandfather, founder Jill Ågren works closely with her chosen craftsmen, who devote their full time to learning and discovering the use of natural materials and possess skills that require both patience and a high knowledge of materials. The understanding of function and uniqueness is a common factor to achieve the best results, as limited editions or unique objects are a strength in creating personal homes and memories.